Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#Travel Barcelona

Barcelona is an INCREDIBLE city. By far one of my most favourite cities I have been to. The architecture alone is something else; the city is filled with Antoni Gaudi creations. The man was an amazing architect for his time; creating very loopy and interesting architectural designs, incorporating mosaic work, wrought iron work and stained glass. The very famous creation of his, the Sagrada Familia, which is still incomplete and currently under construction, is absolutely astonishing. I reveled in the "City of Gaudi", as I am completely obsessed with architecture, especially his. I also saw his Casa Batllo and Parc Guell, and on a previous visit to Barcelona, I saw Casa Mila (which was now being restored).

Not only do the Gaudi designs add some creativity, but the streets are decorated with colourful graffiti, adding a vibrant energy to the city. I was totally inspired by the juxtaposition of the expressive street art painted on old historic wooden doors; a sort of 'old meets new', or 'vintage meets modern' style. This style reflects my style of mixing vintage or vintage-inspired pieces with modern pieces.

So here's my Barcelona story told by a few snapshots.

Parc Guell

Casa Ballto

Sagrada Familia
I have been totally inspired by living in London, and visiting Barcelona and Paris, that Inside My Closet will be getting a new exciting and modern look!


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