Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#TodayImWearing Whitewashed Fur

The other day when I explored Brick Lane and perused through all the wonderful vintage pieces, I found an amazing whitewashed grey faux fur coat. A fur (faux or real) coat is the absolute staple for your winter wardrobe in London, or Europe. It can get very icy and gloomy in this city, and what more of a perfect way to keep out the cold than to dress as a bear!

I paired my beautiful vintage faux fur coat with a black leather origami skort, tights and knee high socks, and cut-out buckled shoes. To show off my new coat's amazing high collar, I tied my hair back with a gold hair cuff. (My new favourite accessory!)

Faux fur coat - Brick Lane Market
Leather skort - Zara
Knee-high socks - H&M
Cut-out shoes - Asos
Gold hair cuff - H&M

I love both faux fur and real fur, but since buying this faux fur coat, I learned that faux fur is machine washable! I did not even realise that. But since I bought my coat, I have washed it in the machine and it came out looking sparkling and new (and not in tatters as I imagined it would!). So although real fur looks and feels amazing, faux fur is just so much less maintenance.


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