Friday, 17 January 2014

#TodayImWearing Men's Jeans and Monks

Today we took a stroll down Brick Lane in London, where you can find the most amazing vintage pieces and market finds! Not only are the quaint vintage stores interesting and different, but the walls along the street are super interesting; decorated with graffiti, doodles and arty masterpieces. I could not get enough of the amazing street art! It was such an interesting juxtaposition of graffiti on historic brick walls.

So my choice of  outfit tended towards androgynous with my men's jeans and buckled monks. I added some interest with my long leopard coat.

 Leopard print coat - Oasis
White tee - Marks & Spencer
Men's jeans - Zara
Black belt - Woolworths
Black frilly socks - Topshop
Buckled monks - Topshop
Quilted bag - Cambridge market

My two friends, Susie and Nicole, with the weirdly cool elephant octopus.

So, if you ever can, you have to visit Brick Lane in London.


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  1. Really like the leopard print jacket. Goes well with you hair and style.