Sunday, 20 October 2013

#TodayImWearing Business Style

Last week I received some very exciting news. My clothing label, Jemimah, had been chosen to feature in Babette clothing store. Babette sells vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, leather boots and bags, and vintage jewellery and hats. I absolutely LOVE Babette, and cannot believe I get to sell my label in this store.

And so, for my FIRST business meeting, I decided to wear black, white and red. Nothing says "serious" and "business", more than this colour palette. And since this was a fashion business meeting, I had to make sure my outfit depicted my style, my label's style and Babette's style. So I married my classic, chic style and my label's monochromatic palette with Babette's vintage style. I paired my white blouse and chic cropped tuxedo blazer with my vintage high-waisted denim shorts. I finished off my look with red booties and a vintage leather satchel bag.

(It was super windy, so the "fly aways" were a bit ridiculous!)

White blouse - Country Road
Tuxedo jacket - Studio W at Woolworths
Black chain necklace - Cotton On
Black belt - Woolworths
Denim shorts - Vintage
Red booties - Woolworths
Satchel bag - Vintage

After my meeting, signing my very first contract and seeing my clothes hanging on the rail in Babette, we celebrated at the local restaurant with a few drinks.

A while ago, I blogged about Babette, telling my readers that this store is a definite must see and must shop! Definitely karma! See that blog post here.

To see more about Babette, like their facebook page here.


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