Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#Trends Spring 2014

Now that I am living in the UK, I obviously will be following the seasonal trends of the northern hemisphere, and so I will be writing about those trends. (Sorry South Africans... but you will have to file this important info away and bring it out when the next season comes around.) 
So anyway... Obviously there are always quite a few trends that designers follow for their collections, but I have picked out my five favourite trends for Spring 2014. These trends are those which I find more interesting and challenging. 

Obviously I love the monochrome trend, but this season, this trend is a remade version of last season's monochrome trend. So why not try some new trends? Especially when many of the trends for Spring 2014 have exciting colour palettes!

1. Raw Art
Think lots of colour, raw brush strokes and paint splatters.

2. High Shine
This is all about sequins, shimmers, chains and metals.

3. Sport Luxe
This trend transforms general sporting wear with chic fabrics and new silhouettes.

4.  African Chic
Think African prints, tribal colours and rustic textures.

5. Oxford Boys
This trend updates the simple button up men's shirt, and adds some sexy flare.

Lots of stores have their Spring/Summer collections coming in after the Winter sales, and I have already seen most of these trends. The sports luxe trend has been a very popular one in the high street fashion brands. 


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