Sunday, 1 September 2013

#Instaweek 26 Aug - 31 Aug

A new feature on my blog is "Instaweek", where I share my previous week with my instagrams. 

1. South African beauty, King Protea // 2. Sewing, my passion! // 3. My new Yardly Raisin lipstick // 
4. Eating choc cookies on the job // 5. The five bridesmaid dresses I have finally finished // 6. My growing washi tape collection // 7. New sewing project // 8. My pet rooster, Gerald.

To see more of my fashionable, creative, nature-loving and sewing-filled life, follow me on instagram here.

PS: More on the bridesmaid dresses (5.) I recently sewed  coming soon!


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