Monday, 19 August 2013

#OnlineShopping ShopBop

I have just discovered a NEW (well, at least new for me...) online shopping site!

It is an online shopping site that sells designer clothing, shoes, accessories and ALL things fashion. It is based in the US but has a free international delivery service (Yay!).

One small problem is that the clothing that is sold on this site, being designer brands and all, is quite expensive. But there's no harm in having a look, and doing a "virtual" shop... with "virtual" money.

Not only is the range of brands so extensive, Shopbop also supplies a fashion feature or lookbook for every day of the month! So not only can you find key designer pieces to complete an outfit, you can also get ideas for your next outfits, updates of the new trends and how to wear them, and SO much more. It is basically like a magazine. Where you can buy the whole outfit that you see. Right away. From your computer. 

So if I had to chose only one entire outfit, this is what it would be:

1. Theory sweater
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
3. Rachel Zoe link necklace
4. Stella McCartney sunglasses
5. By Chance faux leather skirt 
6. Coclico boots

If I had to choose only one of these items, it would definitely be the Coclico boots. I would LOVE to have those in my closet. They would just make every single outfit perfect.

Enough dreaming.
Here are some features from the Shopbop site advertising various collections.

You see?  Just like a magazine. But better!

Go visit Shopbop now.

(Here are some other online shopping sites to browse...)


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