Thursday, 1 August 2013

#MustHave Denim Dungarees

A new trend that has come back in full force, are dungarees. They have been updated from the old school overall style to dress dungaress, romper dungarees, skinny-legged dungarees, patterned dungarees and so on...
So there are many new types of dungaree styles that will suit any figure.

Or you could just go with the usual overall style dungarees.

Updated dungaree styles have been seen on the Spring/ Summer 2013 runway circuit proving that this style is back on trend.

Many celebrities have been seen out and about sporting their denim dungarees.

One celebrity in particular, LOVES her dungarees! And shows us that you are able to dress down dungarees for the day, and also dress them up for the night. 
Alexa Chung shows us how many different ways to wear dungarees and look super fashionable!

Online magazine, A Fashion Friend, shows us how to pair your denim dungaree dress with a denim shirt. Don't be afraid to pair denim with denim for a more edgy look.

Click here for more on this denim feature.

I can't wait to add this new trend to my closet!


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