Saturday, 18 May 2013

#MustHave and #FinallyFound Millitary Parka

A definite must-have this winter (and summer... and all year round forever) is the MILITARY PARKA!
As you are well aware (or maybe not ?!?), the parka can be found almost everywhere! I have seen a version of the parka in basically every clothing shop I have been in to. So they are definitely not hard to come by if you are looking for one (and you should be!). My search, or rather, my wait for my perfect parka has been a long one! Since I was not in the mood to arrive at my fashion destination wearing the same parka as someone else, I searched a little harder for my parka. By that I mean I decided to tackle the online shopping database in search for it, which was not a boring task at all. It was probably the BEST task ever. I looked to my favourite online shopping site from the UK,, and I found it!!! About 6 very un-parka fashionably-boring  weeks later, I received my perfect parka in the post!

This is the parka I eventually chose...

And here it is on me!!
For a casual day out to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens...

Parka - Asos
Sunglasses - The Lot
Apricot knit - Mango
Scarf - Market in Lucca, Italy
leather shorts - Woolworths
grey stockings - Woolworths
Black boots - Luella

Parkas are super versatile as they match with almost everything and can be worn in all seasons. Something else that many people might be scared to try, is use them to complement a day AND a night outfit! Here Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth show off the parka trend and how they take it from day to night.

Now go and buy yourself a parka if you haven't done so yet!!


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